Saturday, November 03, 2018

Complete Mystery How To Make Voting Easy

Obviously things like early voting and vote by mail etc., but here in Philadelphia we have none of that. But we do have about one polling place per 1000 registered voters, and a nontrivial number of those registered voters have died or moved, so in practice the ratio is even better. I don't bring that up because I think the urban hellhole is always an example of what's right and good, but because I never have to wait more than a few minutes to vote and have never heard of stories of widespread voting problems due to long lines in the city (I'm sure it can happen occasionally with high turnout and an after work voting crush, but just generally not a problem).

Anyway this doesn't require some sort of advanced technology or massive overhaul to your voting system. Just. More. Polling Places. The stories of "long lines" are not heartwarming stories of democracy in action, any more than kids selling lemonade to pay for their mom's cancer treatment are heartwarming stories of American family and compassion. They're stories of policy failure.