Saturday, November 10, 2018


I was in one of my local coffee shops a few weeks ago and the barista and a customer were having a conversation about dentists. They were both obviously not rich and lacking dental insurance, not that dental insurance means anything more than a cheap cleaning once per year. The divergence between dental care and medical care in this country is fascinating. Bad teeth can eat your brain, basically.

But they were discussing a hero dentist who while I think I caught her address I am not sure of so I can't advertise (near the Italian Market in Philly if anyone wants to share). (From what I heard) she offers a cheapish xray and cleaning, and prioritizes what you need. Like "you need 12 cavities filled but I really need to do these 2."

That people can't afford dentistry, which is probably more important than regular medical checkups, is why america is great.