Wednesday, November 07, 2018

Good stuff

My favorite news from last night:

"Louisiana votes to eliminate Jim Crow jury law with Amendment 2: The law made Louisiana one of two states that allowed a non-unanimous jury in felony trials."

"In Historic Move, Florida Approves Automatically Restoring Voting Rights To Felons: The move, reversing a Jim Crow-era policy, is one of the most significant expansions of the franchise in modern times."

I confess that I wanted to see this: "Democrat Ned Lamont Wins Connecticut Governor's Race," although I really have no idea how he will govern. Never gonna forgive Lieberman, though.

I also was cheered to see that Kobach lost despite all his election fraud. But Kemp's more effective use of election fraud won for him, sadly.

Look, I've been infuriated for a couple of decades now over the complete lack of movement the Democratic leadership has shown on going after voter suppression and election fraud. We all know who is doing it and we all know it is not a conspiracy theory that some pretty unlikely election results are the outcome, but the Kobachs and Kemps belong in jail, not in office. It should be a federal crime to interfere with an eligible voter's right to vote.