Monday, November 12, 2018

Parliamentary Crisis

I chatted with a couple of UK journalists about this a few weeks ago and I don't think they quite had the answer. It's conventional wisdom that if May brings some sort of deal to parliament and they vote it down that it's election time. But no one seems to quite know what happens if there's just... no deal brought to a vote at all.

Senior cabinet ministers led by Brexit secretary Dominic Raab will tell Theresa May that the current deal on offer from the EU is unacceptable and she should prepare for the UK to leave with no deal if she cannot secure further concessions.

In a significant raising of the pressure on May from inside her own cabinet, the group of senior ministers will make clear to the prime minister that they could not support a deal that breaches their two red lines.

No one seems to come to terms with the idea that "no deal" will have to involve... lots of deals.