Friday, November 02, 2018

Sunday Bobbleheads

For years I tried to highlight the imbalances on the Sunday shows and eventually I just gave up because it was clear that nobody involved could be shamed into acknowledging a problem. Not the bookers, not the hosts, not the supposedly "neutral" journalists who regularly participated in this sham. They didn't see a problem with it, or did not care.

The conservative line, which the shows implicitly acknowledge in the way they book the shows, is that all the "journalists" are liberals and the conservatives are necessary to provide balance. Journalists who participate on these shows, whatever is in their hearts, do not like to be tarred with an ideological label, and should object to the fact that "liberal" is being stamped on their foreheads every week. That's what they are telling their audience when they allow themselves be a part of this theater.

And whatever their actual ideological leanings, their "neutral" pose means they cannot respond in kind to conservative advocates and hacks who appear on the show. Nerf gun versus actual gun, at most.

If everybody involved believes these journalists are liberals they should be identified and self-identify as such. If not, they shouldn't allow themselves to be "balanced" by conservatives.

But, as I said, I was on this beat for years and nobody gives a shit.