Tuesday, November 27, 2018

The Book of Faces

I deleted my account. I'm not one to push such things on people. All big companies are bad and we each have our own cost/benefit analysis. It was easy for me to delete it. But aside from "facebook is a bad actor" I didn't have a problem deleting it because...facebook is just... bad.

Once upon a time it was that cool new thing on the internet to find those high school friends you hadn't seen in 15 years. Then it was a decent way to keep up with what your friends were doing, maybe even arrange to meet for a drink or a show or whatever. And then...? I don't even know what it's good for now. You don't need facebook to find people on the internet now, if you really want to, and THE ALGORITHM and all the other shit on that website, which still has the worst user interface on the internet, meant that it stopped being useful for really anything. Once upon a time you could post something like "hey, anyone want to grab a coffee later" and your friends would see it. Now no matter what I do I can't make it just show me posts by people in a timely fashion.

Set up a group message, add a bunch of family members to it, send them a pic of your kids now and then. No need for facebook.