Friday, November 23, 2018

Working Class Stiffs

"Working class" wasn't really a term people used in the US until fairly recently. "Blue collar" was the closest we got to it, but that more described the type of job you had than the amount of money you earned. We (wrongly) used "middle class" to describe basically everybody between homeless and filthy rich. Now that "working class" is the vogue term for white people who have jobs, apparently it describes...the middle class!
All told, I’ve spent a good deal of the past two years talking with progressives about the broken relationship between elite white people and the white working class. (I use the term working class to refer to Americans with household incomes between the 30th and 80th percentiles. This group, which has median earnings of about $75,000 [ed: actually $70,000], is also commonly referred to as the “middle class.”

Okay then.