Thursday, December 20, 2018

Distinctions Without Differences

When the Trump era is over, and a Democrat is once again in the White House having impeachment threatened against her and jail for every White House employee because she wore a dress that was deemed to be one inch too short by Lindsey Graham, and similarly trivial "offenses," I know exactly how they'll manage it. I've long observed how the Republican spinners are masters at focusing on irrelevant details to somehow distinguish Democrat Crimes from Republican Heroism. You see, Chuck Todd, in this case it was a green dress, while in that case it was a red dress, as Chuck Todd nods along sagely, the light of understanding flickering in his eyes, as he suddenly understands that Both Sides don't actually do it, because one side wears green and that makes it a crime, while the other side wears red and that makes it patriotic. Short green dress bad, short red dress good!

I never know whether the press pretends to be stupid when they play along with this kind of thing, but they inevitably do.