Tuesday, December 11, 2018

I Should Be Donald Trump's Chief Of Staff

Not really, but the man should listen to me! I could tell him how to be reasonably popular. More popular than Obummer! As popular as any president is likely to be these days absent a rally around the flag event.

The economy is "good" by the standards of these things (No overall trends in our horrible system are in many ways not good, but that's more complicated. The headlines are good). Many Democrats are forgiving totebagger types, and desperately "want" to like the president. Dial back the worst of the shit - you know, stop putting babies in cages and generally stop going after the most marginalized groups in terms of actual policy. Keep the crazy tweets and the MAGA rallies going! MAGAs love that shit and don't know or care about policy, really. Keep screaming that the immigrants are going to steal babies out of incubators, or whatever, but just stop putting the babies in cages. Theater for the MAGAs, reality for the non-MAGAs. Trump would be quite popular! As I said, more popular than Obummer at least!