Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Not Our Job To Clean The Puke Out Of Your Carpet

Some things will be mutually beneficial and likely happen quickly, but the EU won't be interested helping the UK out just because they're nice.
The European Union will rule out doing mini deals with the U.K. to ease the chaos of Britain crashing out without a divorce agreement, and instead take unilateral steps to protect its interests, a person familiar with the bloc’s plans said.

If the British Parliament fails to ratify the withdrawal treaty before the country’s scheduled leaving date of March 29, the EU won’t seek a “managed no-deal,” the EU official said. It would instead put in place a bare minimum of unilateral emergency measures, and only if the U.K. reciprocates with its own actions, according to plans due to be published later this week.

The joke is that UK politicians don't seem to realize that their counterparts in the EU are able to read The Telegraph, where they heap scorn on those nasty Europeans (that UK politicians always refer to Europe, not just the entity of the EU, as if it's another place doesn't help.)