Tuesday, December 04, 2018

The Little People Don't Matter

I suppose I am just becoming cynical in my old age, but I do think we underestimate the degree to which people of a lower class are just not seen as people at all by many elites. One doesn't have to think the rich are particularly bad to think that if the rich are just as likely to be bad (if not as likely to be prosecuted) as the rest of the population then there are a reasonable number of very bad rich people who have lots of money and power behind them. Also, too, powerful friends who side with them in their interests. Every time the Roman Polanski Defense Force makes an appearance, or we get several days of "wah people are mean to Alan Dershowitz" articles, we get a taste of this.

Siginificant numbers of elites think it's okay for a rich guy to rape girls, in part because they're probably doing it too.

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. (AP) — A last-minute settlement has been reached in Florida in a long-running lawsuit involving a politically-connected financier accused of sexually abusing dozens of teenage girls.

The deal came Tuesday just before jury selection was to begin. It means none of the women will be able to testify against Jeffrey Epstein for now.

There have been more calls for people you have never heard of to denounce Louis Farrakhan approximately monthly because they stood in the same room as him a couple of times than there have been for elites to explain their associations with Epstein.