Sunday, December 30, 2018

The Mommy Party

It's the dumb pundit frame that's been in operation for years. Republicans are the Very Serious Daddy party and they bring order and stability, a good income, a level of Seriousness, fiscal responsibility, and are entitled by law to head all of the really important positions, like Defense, Intelligence, FBI, etc. Democrats are the Mommy Party and they do things like take care of the birthday parties and fix your knee when you have a booboo and hug you when you cry.

But the reality is, the stereotypical "mommy" work is actually really important. The kids gotta eat and get to school, after all. More than that, Mommy takes care of most of the "serious" work while Dad just takes credit for it.

The deficit will soon be the most important crisis this country faces, again, and while that is stupid and wrong, the pundits will demand that the Mommy Party save all of its dimes and quarters for a "rainy day" instead of buying new shoes for the kid, which she will do, and then Daddy will take credit for the savings and go on a binge party in Las Vegas with his rich buddies.

As he does every single time.