Wednesday, December 19, 2018

They Already Claim To Have Standards

Any time there's a sufficiently bad bigot eruption in conservative media, and advertise boycott movements being, assholes like Shack Jafer (find it yourself but really you've read it before) write their 500th column about how such movements will destroy free speech and lead to the erasure all "controversial" political views being expressed by people with 8 figure salaries. Networks already make decisions about which views get on the air (and we have many more White Power Hours than Black Panthers Explain The World hours) and advertisers already make decisions about what to associate their BRAND with. Complaining about advertiser boycotts and similar are just asserting that no one should ever criticize the decisions of big companies. BRANDS have policies (implicit or explicit) of not associating with racists in obvious ways, and pointing out that they are, in fact, associating their BRANDS with racists is just holding them to their own proclaimed standards. Also, too, Capitalism is Great and glibertarians against capitalism is always hilarious. Tucker Carlson is a product Fox is selling, not an important part of our democracy or our sainted press (when reporters suggest teevee bloviators are Important Journalists I wonder what it is they think is so important about journalism other than the paycheck), and boycotting his advertisers is no different than boycotting a department store that started selling golliwogs.

If you're more upset about the criticism of highly paid racists than, you know, the racism, ...

I vaguely remember an exchange I had a billion years ago with Shafer in the comments of some sucky blog or another. He was fixated on this idea that a news outlet had THE RIGHT to do whatever it wanted to (I forget what this was about). Yes, of course, and I have the RIGHT to criticize them and to call for boycotting their advertisers and to personally not buy the products of their advertisers. And advertisers have the right, and in fact make decisions constantly, about where to spend their advertising dollars. Sometimes they choose Fox News over this sucky blog, imperiling my free speech!!! "We" have the same stupid conversation every year.