Monday, December 17, 2018

They'll Be On CNN Labeled "Patriot Party Members" Or Some Shit

I am lazy but I'm reasonably sure I'd take the job of being a member of Congress, even on my way out, a bit seriously. And I say that being aware that it's kind of a crappy job most of the time.

WASHINGTON — Just days before a deadline to avert a partial government shutdown, President Trump, Democratic leaders and the Republican-controlled Congress are at a stalemate over the president’s treasured border wall. But House Republican leaders are also confronting a more mundane and awkward problem: Their vanquished and retiring members are sick and tired of Washington and don’t want to show up anymore to vote.

Great framing, as always, New York Times. These Congressman are just tired of Washington which as we all know is just a complete hellhole compared to Bugnuts, Alabama, where they will return for the winter break before beginning their new jobs as [check notes] Raytheon lobbyists.

They're lazy and scoping out their next gig you assholes.