Monday, December 10, 2018

Tweets Mere Minutes Apart

Most of the UK press for whatever reason fails to communicate just what an omnishambles all of it is.

No one really has a particular clue what is happening, even though it’s my literal job. But then no one in Number 10 Downing Street does either. Michael Gove spent Monday morning stating clearly, again and again, that the Tuesday ‘Meaningful Vote’ was absolutely, definitely going ahead. Just before lunchtime, a No 10 press officer told the assembled political journalists in the lobby that the vote was going ahead, no matter what. At the same time, another No 10 staff member told other political journalists that Theresa May was pulling the vote. Schrodinger’s vote existed for around half an hour, both alive and dead, until May killed it, confirming there would be no vote, as she was bound to lose it. The prime minister would make a statement at 3.30pm.

OK the reason is that most of the press is obviously right wing with even the sainted BBC becoming a Tory Shop (UKIP, despite maxing out at 2 MPs, regularly got a "3rd seat" in political shows). What's left of the left wing press is mostly divided between New Labour/Blairites who hate Corbyn because he isn't that, and those who hate Corbyn because he hasn't turned Labour vs. Tory into a singular Team Remain vs. Team Brexit contest.