Wednesday, January 02, 2019

Donald Drumpf Got His Head Stuck In A Toilet Again

I'm sure I've written this before. I repeat myself on this sucky blog frequently. I have a hard time finding the utility of comedy in the Trump era. I am not faulting anyone else for finding Drumpf jokes amusing! I occasionally make them myself. Back during the Bush era I found humor to be an important tool because post-9/11, especially, it was important to legitimately undercut the myth of George Bush, the Steely-Eyed Rocket Man,* the Man Who Kept Us Safe, Dubya. Those were strange times, impossible to convey to people who didn't live through it or didn't pay attention to it, and making jokey jokes about the dumbass in chief was a way to point out that actually he was a very bad president.

There isn't much to joke about with Trump. It's all just there. I worked on my joke for a year and he just tweeted it out! Jokes don't illuminate anything.

All for laughing if that's what you enjoy! I just personally don't think it's funny. Also, get off my lawn.

*With Rocket Man being one of Trump's phrases I had to go and look up where the hell George "steely-eyed rocket man" Bush came from. I had forgotten. The magic dolphin lady, Peggy Noonan. Of course.