Tuesday, January 15, 2019


What's fascinated me all along about Brexit (car crash fascinated) is that none of the Brexit players, except maybe the BREXIT MEANS NO DEAL EVERYBODY BECAUSE NOBODY HAS ANY DEALS lunatics (and even them), ever appeared to have tried to game this thing out. As in, I would like to get to Box [Z] (pronounced "zed" you barbarians) at the end, so I am going to try to move the situation through Boxes [T-Y] in order to get there. Maybe we have only a small probability of achieving Z, but there's a strategy. Nobody ever had any idea what was in Box [Z] let alone how to get there.

For all the trash talk of Corbyn and his failed opposition party, "let them light the fuse and then blow the whole thing up and themselves in the process while we are in the other room" was always the clear strategy, and probably the only possible one given that Corbyn, despite some reports to the contrary, was never actually Prime Minister. I don't agree with what I think is Corbyn's desired outcome (Lexit, basically), but he took the only path possible to stop May's Brexit.

And Lexit is bad in large part because I don't think it's achievable and because I'm not quite sure what it is, but if the man kills Brexit, becomes PM, and institutes a Lexit agreement, then he will have pulled off something quite impossible. It might not be so bad, though I am not entirely sure what the point of it is.