Tuesday, January 08, 2019

He's The President

No I don't think networks should do this weekly, but it's a reasonable occasional request for The President even if nothing from Trump is actually reasonable because Trump. News networks that wish to responsibly give their viewers "news" and not just point the camera and turn on the mic and then have people from Both Sides yelling at each other could find many ways to bracket a short speech with responsible and educational complementary programming. I know they mostly won't do that because it's TV news, but still the idea that this is a reasonable request from The President, whoever he is, seems sound to me. Also, too, I know when President Ocasio-Ortez is refused such a consideration the excuse will be "but you libs didn't want Trump to speak" because those are the rules.

tl;dr point the camera at Trump for 8 minutes, but don't do just that.