Thursday, January 10, 2019

How Can Trump Supporters Support This??? But They Do So He Is Golden!!!

The "people who like Trump like Trump" window of analysis onto this administration has always been stupid(and it comes from liberals and neverTrumpers, too, not just journalists in diners). It both suggests that people are crazy for supporting him, and also that their support is the only thing that matters. Neither is actually true. Sure his MAGA fans are horrible crazy people, but most of the rest are just "eh, Republican better than Democrat, good enough for me" which is bad but it is bad because Republicans are bad, not because Trump is especially bad. He is, but I don't think it's crazy they think he's worse than PRESIDENT RANDOM DEMOCRAT given their worldview.

I suppose it's interesting to wonder what would pull Trump's support down from 40% to 27%, but really 40%ish of this country would support almost any Republican and 27% would support any. This is a conversation about 13% of the population.