Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Is Our Children Learning

Seems like it!

In less than a decade, mainstream Democrats in Congress have gone from entertaining Social Security cuts to almost universally endorsing the program’s expansion.

With Democrats in charge of the House for the first time since this tidal shift upended party orthodoxy, senior members of Congress are setting the stage for the legislative chamber to increase Social Security benefits, bringing a onetime liberal pipe dream a step closer to law.

Even if it won't pass... even if "they" don't want it to pass... that telling voters "we're gonna give you more retirement benefits" has not been Brand Democrat shows how much "pleasing David Brooks" has been more important than "appealing to voters."

The legislation finances a more generous benefit and cost-of-living adjustment formula, a reduction in income taxes on benefits and the closure of Social Security’s long-term funding gap by lifting the cap on income subject to payroll taxes and raising those tax rates.

Sounds all good.