Friday, January 25, 2019

Measles WTF

Years I go I had some sympathy for anti-vaxxers. They were mostly people who had children with autism and they were looking for an explanation. There was a completely sensible, if not proven, theory that the vaccines had more mercury than they were supposed to, which for a time they did, and that could have been the cause. Nobody thinks it was the cause now and more than that even if it was that then the mercury problem is no longer an issue.

Now anti-vaxxers are largely "vaccines are like bad, yo" with not much reason behind it and mostly not because they actually have autistic children. I would say it used to be more a left wing thing, politically, and it became more of a right wing thing, but isn't precisely either. West Coast right wingers are weird. But, in any case, they're making their the children and the children of other people sick.

VANCOUVER, Wash. – Clark County Health officials say the number of confirmed measles cases has grown to 30. The county released the updated outbreak numbers Thursday morning, saying the number of suspected cases has dropped to nine.