Monday, January 14, 2019


LA might be too far away from the center of the news media universe, but if not for that we'd likely be subjected to numerous glibertarian concern pieces about the poor kids of Los Angeles and how teachers were abusing them and their parents by robbing them of school days and yes, sure, the teachers have some good points, but think of the children, really?
This is the outcome nobody wanted, but it's happening anyway.

More than 32,000 Los Angeles teachers and staff members are walking off the job Monday in the country's second-biggest school district. That means about 600,000 kids have no idea when they'll see their teachers again.

Weeks of heated negotiations between the United Teachers Los Angeles (UTLA) union and the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) went nowhere, leading to the city's first teachers' strike in 30 years.
Awhile back Chicago schoolkids were the most important people in the universe for a few days. None of those people gave a shit that Rahm closed all the neighborhood schools in minority neighborhoods.