Saturday, January 26, 2019

Supporting Our Defective President To Own The Libs

I suppose this type of piece does little other than entertain us, which is enough, because the mainstream press is never going to stop pretending that Trump isn't what Trump obviously is, and aside from a daily snapshot on the mental health of the population of our great nation, it really doesn't matter if his approval rating is 27% or 40%. But still good reading!

This is also true, and maybe even especially true, when Trump is obviously lying. Even before he banged his own personal left turn and began his full-tilt drive into the desert of cognitive decline, Trump was not an especially nuanced or strategic person. His mind is not what it was, and at its peak it was more of a Magic 8 Ball than a supercomputer. He can’t learn anything because he can’t listen to other people if they aren’t speaking from inside a television; he can’t remember what he hears there because he can’t really care unless it’s about him. These deficits are clear when Trump is extemporizing on furloughed workers cutting deals with the milkman or imagining cartoon coyotes piloting sedans full of duct-taped women across the Rio Grande, but they are even clearer when he tells knowing lies. The former tend to be about other people, and so tend to be both lurid and half-assed; he only really ever applies himself when the lies involve himself.