Monday, February 11, 2019


Obama really did not surround himself with the best people.

Actual transit experts have almost universally dismissed Musk’s plan, which involves digging a tunnel from the Loop to O’Hare and shooting well-heeled travelers through it in pods at over 100 mph using “electric sled” technology. But Mayor Rahm Emanuel wants the express to be part of his legacy, so he’s pushing to get the contract inked before he leaves office this May.


One notable exception is former Obama chief of staff Bill Daley, perhaps the most business-friendly candidate, whose brother Richard tried and failed to build an airport express when he was mayor. Bill Daley stated that while he has some questions about the project’s cost and fare structure, Chicago shouldn’t be afraid to innovate. So barring a third Mayor Daley, it appears that Musk’s plan is increasingly unlikely to happen.

But, at least until Emanuel vacates the fifth floor of City Hall, CDOT staffers are under orders to promote the O’Hare Express as a sensible and essential project, as transportation chief Rebekah Scheinfeld did in December in a Sun-Times interview, regardless of what they actually think of the scheme.
A theme for Dem presidents.