Monday, February 11, 2019

Get Out On That Limb Just As They Start Sawing

A long time ago in the glory days of blogofascism, occasionally there would be some Democrat targeted by the hissy fit of the day and comms people would reach out to people like me to try to enlist to us to mount a defense of their boss, or whatever. Nothing wrong with this. I have never advertised myself as an Objective Journalist. I am an activist if any label accurately applies. Just a madman with a blog. No one asked for bullshit defenses. The hissy fit of the day is usually bullshit. Responding to it accurately is not. Drudge ruled their world back then, and one out of context partial quote on that wonderful website of his, and every cable news program would focus on it.

The problem was (and probably still is) that every congressional office is tuned to cable news, and what's being talked about on cable news starts to seem like the totality of the universe. By the time the blog signal went up, those members of Congress were usually busy crafting their apologetic statements for their supposed transgressions.