Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Republicans Aren't Supergeniuses

One sad thing is that many Democrats really believe they are. Even when Karl Rove ran the show, they weren't. John Kerry almost won, which is a fact everyone forgets and pretty amazing given everything, including campaign coverage, that was going on in 2004. And really they're just getting stupider. They've gone from thinking Rush Limbaugh was good to keep the rubes riled up, to being the rubes that listened to Rush Limbaugh, to thinking that Jim Hoft, the stupidest man on the internet, is their intellectual leader. Sure the right has a lot of advantages - money, various aspects of the media (including a general worship of money), etc. - but they still really are just a bunch of idiots.

A lot of this is because I am too online, but back in the early days of the Trump administration, even liberals treated Bannon like he was some sort of master strategist. IGNORE THIS TWEET!!! THAT TWEET IS THE IMPORTANT ONE THEY ARE TRYING TO DISTRACT US FROM!!! No Trump is a big dumbass who vomits nonsense into his phone. There is no supergenius strategy behind it (yes he has certain instincts of a showman and a conman, but they aren't exactly expert level instincts, especially with the brain worms).

DON'T DO THIS!!! THIS IS WHAT THE REPUBLICANS WANT US TO DO!!! Shut up. This generation of Republicans is just a 20something in a diaper in a dumpster which is about to catch on fire.