Monday, February 18, 2019


I dislike the view that The President is supposed to be performing some role in a costume drama called The President. Yes we have this weird head of state/head of government problem but the whole head of state thing is mostly dumb anyway. Honestly I don't care much if The President can't string a sentence together in public or doesn't wear the right suits or whatever. Sure I suppose there is some real value in the pageantry in terms of leadership and persuasion at times, but it's way don't the list of things that matter most of the time. I roll my eyes when people get gushy over Barack and Michelle looking good (and they quite often looked good!), saying things like, "I miss having a president I could be PROUD OF."

Trump is a horrible uncouth dumbass but if all he did was try to play dress up president but did it badly it wouldn't matter all that much. The problem is the policies.