Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Sounds Like The Grass Is Illegally Trespassing Then

I love these kinds of claims.

“Shame on you!” the child’s mother, who is black, tells the other woman. As they continue to argue with her, she appears to come up and take a swing in the direction of the camera that was recording the incident — twice. The couple says that the woman had confronted them and told them to stay off the grass on the esplanade.

The area is marked by long-standing tensions between the homeowners association in the neighborhood near Rice University, southwest of downtown, and people who have come to use the esplanade for photo shoots, according to local reports.

The city of Houston maintains that the esplanades are public but has been engaged in a long struggle against the Broadacres Homeowners Association, which has argued that the streets and brick sidewalks are owned by the city but that the grass is owned by the Broadacres Trust, according to the Houston Chronicle.