Friday, February 01, 2019


I didn't care too much about Elon Musk until he started floating fantasies about hyperloops and ridiculous subways. His self-driving car claims amuse me but mostly that's for Tesla owners to deal with. But since he did get into my lane with the SUPERTRAINS that aren't trains, I've been paying attention, and, well...

Another quarter, another delay for Tesla Inc.'s solar roof – the signature product of its sprawling Buffalo solar panel factory.

If the South Park Avenue factory is ever going to reach its goal of employing 1,460 people by April 2020, the electric vehicle maker is going to have to sell lots of solar roofs.

That's not happening now, and Tesla officials indicated this week that it likely won't happen until sometime later this year, after predicting just three months ago that it would ramp up production in Buffalo by June.

Musk made a lot of promises with his solar roof system and got a lot of good press and, while it's above my pay grade a bit, had some related business shenanigans between his various companies. Not happening any time soon...