Saturday, March 16, 2019

Acceptable Bigotries

I gave George W. Bush credit for one thing. After 9/11 he legitimately dampened the fast igniting kitchen fire that could have led to an explosion of Islamophobic violence across the country. Of course we know what happened after that, but at that moment... he did ok.

But it's still been festering in this country and internationally, and certainly no one suffers reputational or professional repercussions from promoting it. The UK media is a cesspool. Even, or frankly especially, the BBC.

You can only do loving profiles of "dapper Nazis" if you bizarrely pretend they only hate certain people, and that it's ok if those are the people they hate. I'm not sure when we started pretending Nazis didn't hate Jews, or how that's even possible, but "we" do somehow and our new Nazis are ok as long as they emphasize the rest of it.