Wednesday, March 06, 2019

Bending The Cost Curve

One of the Obamacare-wonk-era obsessions was "bending the cost curve" in part by making sure we all had "skin in the game." Discussing ACA is hard because anything that you suggest is "bad" people blame on Lieberman, Baucus, and Republicans, and exonerate Obama and everyone else involved. "Best we could do." I don't know what "the best we could do" was, but I do know that much of Obamacare wasn't simply some sort of pragmatic attempt to court the 60th vote. It was baked into the design philosophy.

We do spend way too much on health care in this country. We spend what other countries do in *public* money and then that much again in private money for the privilege of imminent financial insolvency every time those of us with even good insurance go to the doctor. But me, voter, does not give a shit about "bending the cost curve." I give a shit about "bending my cost curve."

You can see the problem with "bending the cost curve" by making sure people have more "skin in the game" from a political and, yes, moral perspective.

I already pay too fucking much to buy health insurance executives yachts. I don't need to pay any more.

Pragmatic centrists often like to think of themselves not just being smart on policy, but on the politics. Please David Brooks, please the world. But high deductible high copayment plans are not smart politics, unless you're trying to hasten the revolution.