Wednesday, March 13, 2019

How Dare They Publish My Words

Occasionally private email exchanges are released and while it's hilariously dumb when reporters think they can just stamp "off the record" on the top of all correspondence and think everyone has an obligation to obey it because Journalistic Ethics, I also think it's fair that people generally think they have a reasonable expectation that email is a bit like a private conversation. No law or ETHICS IN JOURNALISM is being violated if, say, some journalist sends me an angry email and I publish it on this blog, but I would understand that it was a bit of a dick move to do so.

But there's an additional thing which makes no sense at all, where conservatives (especially) act as if things they said on one prominent public radio or TV outlet are somehow off limits because it isn't their main branded one. What is said to Bubba the Love Sponge and his listeners is supposed to stay there. And, no, there's no expectation of privacy there. It's not email. It's not even an overheard conversation on a train. It's a publicly available broadcast!