Monday, March 04, 2019

I Know It's Hard. It Isn't My Job To Do The Work.

I don't think you can wave a wand and make our health care system better. "We" need to shrink the % of our GDP that goes to our absurdly expensive health care system. "We" need to figure out who is going to take the haircut and how. And we need a system such that when we get sick we go to the damn doctor instead of having to set up gofundme accounts. As "we" transition from where we are now to there, it might be complicated and expensive, especially if "we're" going to ensure that everybody (basically) is as happy or more during the transition.

But isn't my damn job. Every other comparable country in the world manages to deliver superior health care at a far lower cost. That part is off the shelf. The transition is the hard part, but it doesn't have to be hard for "me." It doesn't have to be expensive for "me." Other people can take care of that shit. That's what the wonks should work on, not how to make me have more skin in a game which already involves my literal skin.