Wednesday, March 06, 2019

Morning Thread

Last time this cycle I'll link to The Halifax Examiner, I promise. Here's Bousquet on writing about the big stories that he does so well:

Many thanks to Suzanne Rent, Philip Moscovitch, and Erica Butler for filling in for last week's Morning Files.I've been proud of the work the Examiner has published of late, not just my own work but also the other writers' work. It feels like we've hit a nice stride, and I hope we can maintain it and maybe even improve up on it.Of course, that requires consistent and growing income. Your subscriptions make this work possible. Your subscriptions pay for the ever-increasing legal bills that allow us to push the reporting into difficult areas. Your subscriptions pay for the guest writers for Morning File, which in turns free up some of my time so I can dive into longer investigative pieces. And your subscriptions pay the salaries and expenses of freelance writers who are doing excellent work. For those who have brought us this far, you have my sincere appreciation.And for those who have been putting it off, this would be an excellent time to subscribe. Thanks much!</blockquote>