Monday, March 04, 2019

Our Sister Network

Surprising no one except Jake Tapper and too many Democrats.
In addition, a former Trump campaign aide says that a Fox contact gave him advance notice of a different debate question, which asked the candidates whether they would support the Republican nominee, regardless of who won. The former aide says that the heads-up was passed on to Trump, who was the only candidate who said that he wouldn’t automatically support the Party’s nominee—a position that burnished his image as an outsider.

As for this article subtitle:

Fox News has always been partisan. But has it become propaganda?

"Everybody" knows Fox is a joke now, but it isn't really any different than it was during the Bush years (the Obama years were when people whould should have known better finally started to realize). Glorification of Dear Leader was its thing then, too, it was just not as obvious because all the other networks weren't doing anything much different post 9/11.