Thursday, March 07, 2019

People On The Internet Are Wrong

Everybody has stupid uninformed opinions. Some of us even decide to share them to the world on a thing called a "weblog." But it's when you're exposed to the thinking of the masses on a topic that you actually do know a little bit about that you despair for the state of the world. Not so different than reading The Economist, really, with pseudonyms replacing anonymous bylines.

Because I have bad hobbies, and something has to keep me enraged all day (my secret is I'm always angry), I read various internet forums on certain subjects. My latest is Musk-related program activities. And, sure, the Teslas have their idiotic fanboys who are dumb but at least Tesla is a real product that does much of what Elon claims it does. The self-driving car nonsense is going to help destroy that company, however. But, wow, the people who are into his tunnel projects. They are so dumb.

And what gets me is these are people who, from what I can tell, would never ride one of Musk's vanity-subway-that-isn't-a-subway projects even if it worked as their underground Jetsons fantasies tell them, for the same reason they've never ridden an actual subway. It's still a steel box on wheels in a tunnel that you have to share with other people. Just a worse one.