Friday, March 01, 2019

Run With The Press Release

Reporting on Musk's activities are often so credulous that it's hard to track down what's actually going on. Big fanfare was made of his Boring Company which was going to revolutionize tunneling. Lots of press reports about the company's first boring machine. These reports almost never made clear that this boring machine wasn't something cooked up by his engineers, but instead an off the shelf machine bought from China. Giving it a fun name (Godot) and a new paint job doesn't change that. The good news is that the second tunneling machine is almost ready.
Elon Musk said his Boring Co. venture is about a month or so away from unveiling its new tunnel boring machine (TBM), the Line-Storm, according to a post to Musk’s Twitter account.

This report reprints Musk's repeated claim that they "only" spent $10 million to build their first dumb tunnel, but that's just some made up number. It does, however, also remind us that Musk also said "Line-Storm" was almost ready... in October, 2017.

Elon Musk said Wednesday the second machine that will be used to dig tunnels underground for his Boring Company is "almost ready."

I suppose he'll keep proving his naysayers wrong!

Anyway, for the hundredth time, I don't care about Musk. Mostly this is between him and his customers and shareholders. But every time he dangles some shiny new bullshit in front of an idiot flunky of a mayor like Rahm Emanuel, the cause of building any news sensible transportation is harmed.