Friday, March 01, 2019


Over 2 years in and occasionally (but not always) reporters react to lying by Trumpkins with a bit of outrage, or at least a bit of "THE LYING IS THE STORY." That's when you know those reporters were lied to personally (even if they don't say so explicitly). Yes, Maggie, this is about you, of course.

It isn't unique to this administration. The press corps doesn't mind the lies as long as they are in on them. Sarah Sanders can go lie at the podium as long as afterwards she does a big theatrical "oh woe is me my job is so hard" sigh, and lets reporters in on the game. You know, off the record, I have to lie, it's my job, have you seen my boss, but I'll do my best to let you in on the truth. Spicer didn't know how to do this, but it isn't as if he was more full of shit than Sanders.

The difference with this administration is that the individual lies aren't the issue. The incessant lying is. Most reporters don't know how to cope with that, or don't care to try.