Thursday, March 07, 2019

There Are Some Excellent Journalists At Fox

"Real" reporters always take to the twitter machine to defend Fox for reasons I don't fully understand. My best spin is they're friendly with the Fox reporters who they see at the White House or wherever, and they seem like sane people, so Fox must not be all bad. None of them ever actually watch Fox News, of course, or point to those incredible scoops that would have led to democracy falling if those fine reporters had never delivered them.

The best spin is too kind, as the more plausible explanation is that teevee "reporters" get paid quite well, there aren't that many of those jobs, and if you can score one then your retirement is set.

But even if there are decent reporters at Fox (this is basically bullshit, but ok), they're just there to give the rest of the operation the sheen of respectability that amazingly convinces all of those other hard-hitting reporters so concerned with the reputation of their sister network.