Sunday, March 24, 2019

What Would Make You Vote For A Republican?

I brought this up previously in this context of Roy Moore, who actually lost! My mostly serious point was that if you're a Republican it of course makes sense for you to vote for Roy Moore. Roy Moore is a bad guy and we don't want to reward/promote bad guys, but individual senators mostly don't have all that much power and if you really think the Senate should be run by Republicans, then voting for the guy who is going to put Mitch in charge of things makes a lot of sense.

Governors and presidents are a bit different. They do have a lot of individual power and more ways to implement idiosyncratic policies that don't precisely align them with the prevailing party ethos. Voting for a truly awful person, even one that shares your party affiliation, is likely to have awful consequences. But, also, too voting for a Republican, especially given the current crop of Republicans, is likely to have awful consequences!

So just how bad would a Democrat have to be for you to vote for the Republican for governor? For president?

We mock the "27%ers" but can we really blame them? Sure we can blame them for being Republicans, but over and above that?