Monday, March 11, 2019

What's It About Then

Some people running, or thinking about running, for president are just running for Vice President, or perhaps just trying to increase their name recognition to get something like a Cabinet position (that our jobs in the Cabinet often go to people with prestige names instead of just people who are competent is a bit weird and I don't see enough people writing about this).

But de Blasio will never be chosen for VP, and mayors who hate being mayors and just see it as an audition for a federal job, as de Blasio seems to, are quite obviously not the people you want to hire for a Cabinet position. I mean, if mayor of New York is not enough fun for you, why the hell would Labor Secretary be?

People are weird.

NEW YORK — New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio may be thinking of running for president, but many of those closest to him aren’t on board.

As de Blasio touted his liberal record in Iowa and South Carolina in recent weeks, nearly three dozen former and current aides, consultants and allies who spoke to POLITICO panned the idea or doubted that the mayor would run for the Democratic nomination. Aside from the few people working on the nascent effort, only two said de Blasio should run.