Tuesday, April 09, 2019

An Old Person's Idea Of What The Young People Like

A weird idea is that the way to appeal to The Kids Today is to run someone who is a hep cat and hip to their young ways. This is dumb because to young people everyone over the age of 40 (30, really, if not 25) is "old" and wow, pops, it's so cool that you saw Nirvana (checks notes) 28 years ago. They play them on the oldies station now.

I know when Bill Clinton ran for president we were supposed to be impressed by how young he was, but I actually thought that was kind of creepy. He wasn't young to me. It was 1992 and he was young in the 1960s and pretending to know slightly more about contemporary pop culture than your typical grandparent just came across as silly like it does whenever any old person pretends they get The Kids Today. Gimme an actual grandpa who looks like he knows what he's doing and not someone who is dorkier than my friend's Dad.

I'm not saying 40somethings shouldn't be running for president. I'm just saying that I have no idea why people think 20somethings are going to be impressed with a 40something for being 40something.