Tuesday, April 09, 2019

I'm Definitely Working On My Six Pack Abs

I used to honestly not care about Musk but he's driving me batty these days.

When asked about future potential features on Tesla’s Autopilot system, Musk said “definitely” to the idea of one that avoids potholes to increase tire life. This question from a Tesla driver came on the heels of Electrek’s Fred Lambert posing the same one to Musk hours earlier.

Sure. And meanwhile.

When MLive tested out the car maker’s system on its Model S, Tesla reps explained that its autopilot is nearly flawless on California roads, but it might take some seasoning for the electric cars to learn the bumpy, winding and seemingly always under construction Michigan roads.

They'll learn eventually. Meanwhile the feature is still on! Can't see any problems with that.

I used to not worry much about the safety of these things, but I didn't anticipate a lunatic like Musk.