Monday, April 22, 2019

More Of A Shelbyville Idea

Wasted a bit of time watching Elon's Musk pretend "full self driving" announcement. Then I went to the gym because running on the treadmill was more pleasant.

There's a new chip because at some point Elon got mad that his robot cars weren't working, threw a tantrum, and screamed "WOULD IT HELP IF WE HAD A BETTER CHIP???" And one of his highly paid guys said, uh, sure, Elon, we just need a better chip.

So they made a chip, or paid someone else to make a chip, or something.

It's better than the chip from 3 years ago, but not better than anybody else's chips from... today. But, ok, fine, there's a better chip.

It's a cool chip. And they just have to solve the software problem. Almost there. Gonna solve that software problem. By the end of the year (no, really). And the robotaxis will be ready... next year. IF the regulators approve! Elon always says it needs regulator approval, but he never says who the regulators are because they don't exist.

What a con man.