Monday, April 01, 2019

People Are Unfair And Mean To My Favorite Candidate

I'm one who thinks a competitive primary is good and necessary and even though now people yell at strangers on the internet more, it isn't as if the campaigns themselves are particular combative relative to the past. Sure it's reasonable to expect some level of comity and niceness from the candidates and it's fair to get mad at them if they don't achieve that, but reasonably fairly highlighting the clear public records of your competitors seems to be, well, a fair thing to do. Also it's more transparent if they do it themselves rather than "drop oppo" on members of the press who then launder it for the public.

But candidates and other people with reasonably large microphones aside, there isn't much point in telling people on the internet to be nicer. Maybe it would be better if they were, but yelling "stop being so divisive!!!" at strangers isn't going to achieve it. Have you seen the internet?