Monday, April 01, 2019

That Thing You Want Does Not Exist

Waiting for the Brexit vote results but this is important, generally.

In the light of the Tory Brexiter Andrew Bridgen saying this evening most Tories members want a “managed no-deal” (see 8.34pm), it is worth pointing out that the European commission said on Friday that such a thing was not on offer.

Something more along those lines might (might!) have been possible once upon a time, but the Brexiteers preferred being assholes who didn't have a clue what they were doing instead of trying to figure out how whatever is they wanted could actually be achieved. They could have started managing a no deal months and months and months ago. And now the EU is done with them.

As for No Brexit preparations, spoke to a friend in the UK who is going on a little family trip to France soon and post April 12, when they will still be there, if a no deal Brexit happens, their UK driving licenses will no longer be valid. No big deal, just go down to the post office and get the forms for the international licenses. Which they didn't have.