Sunday, April 07, 2019

The Pigfucker Whisperers

The problem with the concept of "coastal elites" is that they are basically a certain segment of elites who happen to work in media/politics on the coasts, and by coasts we mean NYC and DC, who narrate this concept of "coastal elites" as if they were talking about people other than themselves.

My whole time "in" politics centrist goobers have been talking about cracking the code to speak in the mysterious languages spoken by people not in their social circles. The Real American has taken various forms in this popular conception, though I will say in the past this mythic creature seemed to bear some relationship to actual people, while the media's creation of The Trump Voter or the (white) Working Class in this latest chapter of their novel seems to be almost wholly fiction. Not that Trump voters don't exist - they obviously do - they just aren't recognizable in any of the portraits painted of them by the Art School graduates at the New York Times.

If you're thinking about how "we" need to talk to "them" then you've already lost this particular struggle, and coastal elites who imagine we can send an ambassador from Harvard because he picked up some pigfucker at some point in his life and he can use his language to talk to the natives of that strange land known as Real America are as dumb as, well, Will Saletan. Who is always dumb.

Also, too, mayor of a college town is not the same as the governor of the state, and Julian Castro is running for president and was the executive of a rather large red state city. Slipped Will's mind.