Tuesday, April 16, 2019

The Plan Is Easy, Really

Just have the good, if imperfect team, win every election from now until the end of time and we shouldn't have any troubles.

We all remember that George Bush was Good, now, but his administration, charitably, pushed the limits on a lot of things. Even if you go "oopsie" on torture and Iraq and things like that, all the "unitary executive" and "Dick Cheney is the fourth branch of government and thus not subject to any oversight whatsoever by mere mortals" stuff was a few steps down the path of the idea that there can be no accountability for executive branch. You can defeat it in elections, or impeach as they obstruct justice with impunity, and that's it, and we're not always so sure about the first one. A lot more judges agree with them now.

Once again we'll look forward, not backward, and assume reversion to The Norms and the time when the Republican Party was Good (Nixon, Reagan, Bush I, oh so good and no extreme abuses of power whatsoever). Back to the status quo when we had no problems! All will be well.