Sunday, April 21, 2019

What I Hated About School Was

Every now and then I hear stories about why rich people get involved in education. There's the charter grift, of course, but other than the grift some of these people seem to be well-meaning, but if you boil down their motives it seems to be something like:

When I was a kid in school, I didn't like that they did things this way, and I would have learned better if they did things this other way.

I'm no expert teacher but in my not so vast experience, different students learn differently. All the various flavors-of-the-week of instruction style probably do better for some students, and less well for other students, and while you can't (also, this is bad, so don't) cater to every student individually, a little bit of a mix that plays to your own personal strengths (some teachers are better at THIS rather than THAT and that's just the way it is) as a teacher is the way to go.

Also you don't have to think rich people are all supergeniuses to think they probably aren't...typical.