Tuesday, May 21, 2019

A Deal With Who

I don't doubt that even now the EU is willing to bend over backwards, subject to not crossing certain lines, to make life easy for Theresa May, but so much talk about Brexit in the British press is about a within-Parliament "deal," but any deal is actually with the EU and if it isn't agreed to by them it doesn't mean anything. I mean, I have negotiated a deal with myself such that you give me all your money but sadly you have not yet agreed to this.

Theresa May is to set out the details of her “new deal” on Brexit in a speech at 4pm, as she paves the way for a last-ditch bid to take Britain out of the European Union before she leaves Downing Street.

The prime minister is expected to outline new proposals in a series of areas, including workers’ rights, environmental protections, and pledging a greater role for parliament in shaping the next stage of negotiations.

And with Prime Minister Johnson seeming to be an inevitability, none of it means shit.